With air source heat pump to warm the temperature stability

As people's living standards improve, many residents in the south have comfortable floor heating installed. Compared with the traditional heating methods, to warm the heat from the foot, giving a feeling of warm feet and head cool. Comfortable than coal, air conditioners and other traditional means of heating can not be said in the same breath.

However, Miss Sheng in Zhejiang, after installing the floor heating system, but how happy are not happy. So what's going on?


It turned out that some time ago, Ms. Sheng to the new home to install the warmth, the thought of a comfortable winter can be had, I did not expect frequent occurrence of warm and cold conditions, in order to prevent the young daughter cold, Ms. Sheng has been afraid to move into the new Live. Later, she called the company to install the installation, the other said the thermostat will automatically adjust the thermoelectric valve according to the indoor temperature, when the temperature reaches the set temperature, the floor to warm the boiler will stop working, so the floor temperature will appear hot and cold conditions.

At present, due to the shortage of gas crisis, many households with gas-fired boiler heating also have no gas available. However, families with air-source heat pumps are not affected.

Today, large-scale northern "coal to electricity", air-source heat pump to become the government vigorously promote the product. In the air source heat pump project bidding around, it has been clearly labeled variable frequency air energy products have points, and even some areas must be designated for the frequency of air energy products, because the inverter air source heat pump in the stability and energy saving has a very large advantage.