Winter season, air-source heat pump heating warmth

Recently, cold air swept across our country, most areas of the snowfall cooling, for the northern people, the familiar haze season, but also with the cold from. All of a sudden, all over the country have introduced air pollution control measures. One of the most common are familiar with, is to limit the coal heating, the use of clean heating "coal to clean energy" project.

In the current "coal to clean energy" project, the most widely used in winter heating equipment than air-source heat pump. And coal-fired boiler heating will produce a lot of pollutants, the air source heat pump to the heat in the air heating, the heating process, in addition to using air, only consume a small amount of energy, air source heat pump in the heating process In the absence of any emissions, will not cause air pollution, is truly "zero emissions" heating equipment.


In addition to being environmentally friendly, the air source heat pump is also very flexible to be installed and can be complemented with a variety of heating ends, including radiators, underfloor heating and fan coil units.

For now, the more popular heating end of the market, is a heating end called air to warm machine. Air energy warmer is similar to fan-coil, however, it is installed in floor-mount mode and can be installed in any position in the house. Only by connecting two hot and cold water pipes to the heat pump mainframe, hot water can be converted into hot air, active heating convection in the form of heating. Compared with the air conditioning, air energy warmer is not so dry, even if the night open, do not feel dry mouth or sore throat, so the comfort of heating than air conditioning, fan coil and other programs better.

At present, the air source heat pump + air energy warmer the program has been set off around the heating in a "heat wave." Faced with the increasing heating demand in the market, a great variety of household heating equipment are also appearing constantly. Whether the air energy warmer can continue its heating up in the fierce market competition will require more users to join in it.