Why villa owners choose air-source heat pump heating

Although the villa is very comfortable to imagine, but want to really enjoy the long-term enjoyable life in the villa, villa hardware options have to pay some thought, the most typical is the heating. Villa area of hundreds of square meters at every turn, if the heating is not done, must be cold such as ice cellar, people live in very uncomfortable. So the question is the villa owners have how to heat it? The answer is air source heat pump! why?


1. Efficient heating economy saves money

Heat pump suppliers create the air source heat pump which it is a device with very high heating efficiency. It consists of evaporators, compressors, heat exchangers and other components, rely on reverse carnot principle heating. First through the evaporator to absorb a lot of free air heat, and then pass the heat to the compressor, the compressor will convert the heat into high-grade heat, the output heating to the room. This way of transporting heat from the air, so that the air source heat pump consumes 1 kWh, you can get 4kw of heat, heating efficiency of 400%, than the traditional electric heating, coal boiler to save a lot of energy. Once used in large villas, air-source heat pump energy-saving effect can also be enlarged, for the villa owner a year to save a lot of cost.

2. Warm, comfortable and safe

The villa area is large, the room is also more, bathroom, bathroom, bedroom, living room and so on, the demand for heating in different rooms is not the same, and the air can heat pump as hot water supply equipment, and geothermal pipes, air can warm Machines and even radiators are used together. This diversified heating style makes the villa's heating more comfortable. In addition, the traditional heating equipment, such as coal-fired boilers, have the potential for fire and explosion hazards and, if the combustion of coal is incomplete, carbon monoxide may be generated, causing suffocation. In contrast, air heat pumps are more secure and reliable. It absorbs the air in the refrigerant heat, no open flame during the heating process, no emissions, water and electricity separation, from the root causes of various dangerous accidents.

3. Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Green Health

The environmental effects of air source heat pumps are also amazing. Because the air source heat pump uses the heat in the air to heat, the heat pump is driven by electric energy, and the heat pump equipment does not consume any coal and natural gas and does not generate harmful gases naturally, which can create a healthy and safe villa. Environment to achieve true safety heating.