Why large buildings love to use air-source heat pump to provide hot water

Speaking of air-source heat pump heating, I believe we are no strangers. The past two years, due to the "coal to electricity" project to promote the air-source heat pump in the heating area can be regarded as the wind, the eminent. Beijing, Shanxi, Shandong, Hebei, Henan and other places, there are air-source heat pump everywhere.

In fact, in addition to heating, air-source heat pump in the field of hot water is also made a lot of contributions, especially hotels, schools, military, shopping malls, office buildings, such as large-scale hot water supply, air source heat pump Strengths.


For example, Shandong Xiehe University 240 tons of hot water renovation project, 24 sets of low-temperature air-source heat pump for the school's 12 student apartment buildings to provide 24-hour hot water service.

Another example Renhuai People's Hospital 200 tons of hot water transformation, the hospital covers an area of ​​over 20,000 square meters, more than 1,000 open beds, the entire Renhuai city one of the largest hospitals, set of medical, teaching, research and health care in one . As we all know, for hospitals, inpatient daily life, doctor's surgery and cleaning work needs hot water. Therefore, the choice of hot water supply equipment, the hospital in a full range of assessment, the final choice of the air heat pump as a hospital heating equipment.

Why do so many large buildings choose air to heat pump it? According to a person who has been engaged in the air industry for many years, technicians have advised that people pay more attention to the three aspects of hot water equipment in common hot water projects, namely stability, economy and safety.


First, mainly because of air-source heat pump water supply stability. Whether it is day or night, midsummer or winter, air-source heat pump can provide a stable hot water, and maintain a good temperature, there will be no water hot and cold uneven phenomenon.

Second, the demand for hot water in large buildings is large, so the cost is lower. In terms of cost, air-source heat pump as early as the field of heating to prove their own energy-saving, consumption of 1kw electric energy, you can create 4kw heat, heating efficiency is far better than other hot water supply products.

Third, for businesses, in addition to profitability, security is paramount. Compared with the traditional hot water products, as a new era of hot water equipment, air-source heat pump, in safety has been greatly improved. It does not rely on gas, fuel, coal-driven, water and electricity separation process, the explosion, leakage and other safety hazards completely eliminated, providing consumers with one of the most reliable safety and security.