Why air-source heat pump will become the hottest water heater in a few years

Domestic water heater development so far, so heat pump water heater manufacturers create a variety of water heater products into the market situation. According to various senior media and market experts to see the speech, air-source heat pump water heater has become a lot of people are optimistic about the equipment. More media people said that "the next few years, the hottest air-source heat pump water heater." Today, we talk about the characteristics of air-source heat pump water heaters from several aspects.

Air Source Heat Pump_2.jpg

1. Intelligent technology in power

In recent years, the development of science and technology has drawn great attention. Naturally, water heaters have also been making progress. Air-source heat pump water heaters are the fourth generation of water heaters, water heaters in the traditional on the basis of a variety of improvements, has become the moment a higher degree of intelligent water heaters.

2. Both safe and reliable

Residents consumption levels increase, more and more appliances at home, so more and more attention to safety. Therefore, the safety of air-source heat pump water heater is an important basis for its ability to survive in the market. The air-source heat pump water heater is indeed done. Air-source heat pump water heaters rely on the air energy to heat cold water, do not consume gas, water heat and water separation process. These two characteristics, to avoid the gas water heater and electric water heater gas combustion may occur, there is the phenomenon of carbon monoxide poisoning, the domestic water heater safety performance to a higher level.