Which Factors Affect Heat Pumps Purchases?

Before looking at the English market in greater detail, it is important to look at the reasons for buying heat pumps. There are different factors that account for the differences in the rate of adoption of this technology, namely:

Open 48The Climate

Heat pumps work less efficient at lower temperatures

Documents Government Policies on Energy and Environmental Issues

The government has a pivotal role in shaping the buying trends of such technologies since it can support one technology by incentivizing it at the expenses of the others. Such actions create market distortions that are not beneficial in the long term.

British3Energy Prices

The prices of the different sources of energy can affect households and make them switch to one source or another.

Star 153 Availability of Competitive Energy Sources

Not only the relative prices of sources, but also their availability (that also affects the price) is to be considered, as it may be better to use a source that is easy to find.

Plug4Electricity Supply and Generation Characteristics

Refers to the amount of electricity that is provided, and the amount needed to run the system.

Home 73Housing Characteristics

This information is very specific to the area to be heated and they include elements such as the dimensions of the house, the position and the orientation, but also the type of insulation that are the elements on which the household makes the decision.

History History

There may be historical reasons that make a country prefer one heating source more than another.

Map 74 Geography and Geology

It is related to the housing characteristics referred above and they include specific information on the area where the property is.