What is the difference between air source heat pump and air conditioning

With the general promotion of air source heat pump, more and more people begin to understand the air source heat pump step by step. However, there are still many people who confuse the air energy and the air conditioner, even consider the air energy as the air conditioner. Obviously this is completely wrong. So what is the difference between heat pump and air conditioner?


(1) the structural differences

Air-source heat pump compressor used inside the heat pump dedicated compressor, and the maximum working pressure of more than 28, while the air-conditioning system has only 18, so the structure of the heat pump copper thickness thicker than the air conditioning. In addition, air-source heat pump system can withstand up to 60 degrees of operating temperature, but the maximum air-conditioning up to 40 degrees.


(2) differences in operating hours

Air source heat pump compared with air conditioning, there is a big difference in operating time. Air conditioning in the cooling and heating conditions, the daily work time is very long, and the greater the space, the more serious loss of hot and cold, so in general, air conditioning than air energy consumption. While the air source heat pump has been energized, but when the heating is over, the unit will automatically stop running into the insulation mode, the construction machine running time to circulating hot water machine, for example, generally not more than 10 hours, so that the air Energy-saving than air conditioning.

(3) for the difference between the temperature range

The national standard stipulates that air conditioners require heating at an ambient temperature of 21 °C to -7 °C when heating, but the air energy be quite special and must be able to operate stably at an ambient temperature of 43 °C to -20 °C. Therefore, an air source heat pump The internal structure of the specifications are much higher than air conditioning.