What is an air source heat pump?

1. What is an air source heat pump?

Air source heat pump is the use of energy in the air to generate heat, 24 hours a day large water, high water pressure, constant temperature to provide the family with different hot water demand, while consuming the least energy to complete the requirements of the water heater.

At home at the same time efficient production of hot water at the same time, like air conditioning can be the same as the release of air conditioning to meet the kitchen cooling needs, and can be in the balcony, storage room, garage and other local space to achieve the role of dehumidification to prevent the goods moldy or fast drying clothes.



2. How the air source heat pump works:

Air source heat pump operation is based on the inverse Carnot cycle principle, the use of energy-driven, heat transfer refrigerant through the evaporator from the air to absorb low-grade heat, compressed by the compressor into high temperature and high pressure gas, condensed into a liquid by the condenser, to release A lot of heat, the water delivered to the tank, so that the water temperature rising, condensed liquid through the throttle device into a low temperature and low pressure gas to return to the evaporator, and then absorb heat from the air, so the cycle, the tank of the water is heated to the set temperature.

Simply put, the air source heat pump works is to constantly absorb the heat in the air, and the part of the heat spread to the water, so as to achieve the purpose of heating hot water.