What are the characteristics of air source heat pump heating

Clean heating alternative to coal-fired heating situation is excellent, everyone is talking about this winter, "the hottest" air source heat pump heating, what is the characteristics of air-source heat pump heating people whom applaud.

1. Not afraid of rain and snow, do not rely on gas

Compared to solar energy, gas and other forms, the air can heat pump from the night, cloudy, rain and snow and other adverse weather effects, not subject to geological, gas supply restrictions.

2. Safe operation, green environmental protection

Air heat pump is heat pumped in the form of heat, water, electricity completely separated, without coal or natural gas, so you can achieve safe operation throughout the year 24 hours a day, will not cause any user safety accident damage, Environmental pollution. Therefore, the current government is "coal for coal clean air" action plan focused on the recommended heating products.

3. The cool and warm dual use, a machine to get

Air heat pump can heat in the winter, but also in the summer cooling, winter and summer to meet the needs of two seasons, and other heating equipment is often only winter heating, summer cooling also need to install air conditioning equipment.

4. An electric three copies of heat, saving peace of mind

The entire heating season, the air source heat pump using 1 part of the energy, while the air from the outside to get more than 2 free air energy, can produce more than 3 copies of heat, efficient environmental protection, compared to electricity heating 75% Users save such a considerable amount of electricity, will soon be able to recover the cost of the machine.