What are the advantages and disadvantages of air source heat pumps

Air source heat pump is also a new type of new energy technology, and other new energy as the role of energy saving and environmental protection, but the air source heat pump is not only energy saving, then let us look at its advantages and disadvantages, everyone in choose the time can also be a comparison.

Advantages of air source heat pump:

1. Wide range of applications, the temperature range from 7 to 40 degrees, perennial use, no cloudy, rain and snow, rain and snow and other adverse weather and winter night, can be used normally. Continuous heating, with the traditional solar water storage heat pump products, compared to continuous heating, continuous hot water to meet the needs of users, suitable for different groups of hot water projects, unattended, fully automatic operation, centralized supply of hot water temperature and water level display

2. Low operating costs: energy-saving effect is outstanding, the investment return period is short, air source heat pump can save 70% of the energy; is the solar water heater (auxiliary heating), gas water heater 1/3, 1/4 electric water heater. Short-term recoverable investment. 4kW of heat energy per 1kW of power consumption can be generated and the equivalent power consumption is about 3 times higher than the electric hot water boiler.

3. Environmental protection products, pollution-free, non-burning emissions of substances, will not cause harm to the human body, with good social benefits. The utility model has stable performance and is not affected by the environment. The products are operated all year round and are not affected by bad weather such as night, cloudy day, rain and snow. 365 days a year, 24 hours a day can be realized hot water. Safety performance, no hidden dangers, the use of indirect heating and water heat transfer, no leakage, leakage and so on.


4. Convenient: air source heat pump space is very small, shape and air conditioning outdoor unit similar. Can be directly connected or connected to the insulation tank heating tube, suitable for large and medium-sized cities of high-rise buildings, large-scale central heating problem, is the best choice.

5. Central hot water system installation set up a variety of combinations, parallel heat pump unit using the same model to ensure that the entire water heater group development work to meet the peak demand for a large number of hot water, hot water to provide a guarantee. When hot water is used in small quantities, a set of hot water pumps can be used to close another water heater and a set of heat pumps can be shut down during maintenance without affecting other hot water units to continue supplying hot water. Automatic operating system, automatic operation, no need to watch, with temperature control device and insulation layer, can automatically add water, heating, power, can provide hot water 24 hours. Users can enjoy hot water at any time under any weather conditions.

Air source heat pump defects:

Air source heat pump has a small drawback. As the air energy is dispersed energy, heating speed is slow, thermal efficiency is not high. In addition, the air source heat pump is prone to frost problems, subject to regional restrictions, air source heat pump is more suitable for use in central and South of China.

From the above can be seen the advantages of air source heat pump there are still many, so in order to be so many people love, more and more people respected.