Villa heating and cooling options have new tactics

Live a spacious villa is the dream of many people's lives. However, to really enjoy life in the villa, not only to worry about making money, have to choose a lot of thought in the selection of equipment.

Villa with ordinary residential compared to the structure and construction area has obvious differences, the villa as few as a few hundred square meters, a thousand square meters, so that, whether it is cooling or heating, difficulty and ordinary residential phase Bigger than a lot. In the face of such a situation, the villagers are how to solve it? The answer is simple, use air source heat pump.


Air source heat pump is favored for many reasons, but the most important thing is energy saving. Air source heat pump by the evaporator, compressor, heat exchanger and other components, rely on "anti-carnot principle" heating. First through the evaporator to absorb a lot of free air heat, and then pass the heat to the compressor, the compressor will convert these heat into high-grade heat, the final output heating to the room. This way of transporting heat from the air, so that the air source heat pump consumes 1 kWh, you can get 4kw of heat, heating efficiency of 400%, than the traditional electric heating, coal boiler to save a lot of energy.

In summer, the air source heat pump can be switched to air conditioning mode. In air conditioning mode, the air source heat pump can produce cold water, with the fan coil discharge a lot of cold, in order to reduce the indoor temperature. Data show that even if the external temperature up to 30 ℃, air-source heat pump to open the cooling mode, it can also reduce the room temperature to about 20 ℃, the cooling effect is not less than the air conditioning.

Whether it is cooling or heating, air-source heat pumps are known for their comfort. It "water cycle" approach, the air-conditioning, heating delivered to the interior, this mechanism to make the wind more gentle, but also reduces the evaporation of water on the human skin surface, there will be no obvious dry mouth, but will not induce cough , cold and other symptoms, bring is truly comfortable heating, cooling experience.

Not only comfortable and energy-saving, air-source heat pump environmental effects are amazing. Because the air source heat pump uses the heat in the air to heat, the heat pump relies on the electric energy to drive. The heat pump equipment does not consume any coal and natural gas and naturally does not produce harmful gases, which can create a good environment for the villa . Air-source heat pump heating and cooling advantages so much, no wonder the choice of many villa tenants.