use air source water heater efficiently

air source water heater is accepted by consumers
air source water heater with energy saving, security, environmental protection, high efficiency  and the advantages of smart is accepted by consumers. Although air source water heater is a kind of energy-saving products, but if the air source water heater unit matching, installation, heat preservation, the respect such as timber design is not reasonable can make the water heater energy saving effect.
On the design method of engineering installation will affect the air energy saving effect. From use in different ways can be divided into two modes,automatic water supply and regular water supply of automatic water supply mainly used in hotels, hotel, hospital, and other places and timing of water mainly use in schools, factories and other places.
Timing water supply installation method is straightforward 
This is very energy conservation design method of installation. All-weather water supply installation method has a lot of, such as useful direct heat, circulating tank model, size, etc.
Direct split heat pump refers to the cold water after the host heating hot water can be used directly, the water temperature can be reached between 45 to 55 ℃.This principle is through a throttling device to control the size of the filling water, the water cannot be full of the whole heat exchanger, so to do direct heat will be given the heat exchanger pipe diameter when the host cannot too big, need to go through debugging repeatedly to select the most reasonable way of pipe diameter and water.
By cyclic heating cycle heating type is host to the inside of the tank water to heat up. When the water inside cistern in the part will be carried out on the water tank filling water and then heat circulation to the required temperature, the installation is relatively simple.
fill cold water heating of small water tanks
Size tank model refers to host a small water tank for first heated to a certain temperature, then the small and then to fill cold water heating of small water tanks, continuously circulation, until the big water tank filled with hot water. This kind of practice in the aspect of control is relatively complex. But won't appear like a cyclic heating that host basically in the high temperature of heating phenomenon. 
Air source heat preservation: there are pipes with water tank insulation. Pipe insulation can use cotton or polyurethane foam insulation. Small diameter is generally with heat preservation cotton insulation. At ambient temperature is lower. If the water supply pipe has a backwater system do without for heating tube and return pipe insulation, the waste heat will soar, can effect comparing will decrease sharply. Water tank of heat preservation is just as important, the stainless steel temperature-holder box usually with polyurethane foam thermal insulation layer of 5 mm, and then add a layer of stainless steel on the outside of the insulation layer.