Two generations of water heaters showdown

In recent years, the development of household water heater beyond the imagination of many people. From the original gas water heater, air source water heater to today, water heater products evolved from the first generation to the fourth generation, changes in all aspects are obvious. Today, come and see: gas water heater VS air source water heater.

Heating principle comparison

Gas water heater to gas as a heat source, through the combustion of natural gas to produce several hundred degrees of high temperature flame to instantaneous heating of cold water purposes, are instant heating, so the speed of the hot water has certain advantages, that is, out of the box. However, due to its own backwater system is not set, so open the nozzle, it will first appear part of the cold water, lack of comfort.

Air source heat pump is a water storage water heater, following the anti-Carnot principle heating: the heat absorbed by the air used to heat the cold water. This heating scheme, need to be heated in advance, can not do as gas water heaters that open to use. However, the current technology of air to water heater is very mature, the emergence of various types of heating technology, so that air heating to enhance the heating speed of many, the same can be done, "fast heat", greatly reducing the waiting time.

Operation sound contrast

Gas water heater heating process appears open flame combustion, equipment, fire and sound when the operation is relatively large, if in a quiet environment, will have a certain impact on daily life.


The operation of air source water heater is offered by heat pump manufacturers , and the main component of heating is compressor. For the moment, the air source water heater on the market, almost all are dedicated compressor heat pump, the sound is about 50 decibels, the sound for most people are acceptable.

Safety factor comparison:

As mentioned above, gas-fired water heaters rely on combustion gas for heat generation, so CO may be generated in the process. And once the gas water heater is used for a long time, the internal components are aged or worn out, there is also a risk of fire explosion of the equipment.

Air water heater is not the case, has always been known for its safety and reliability. Heating water heater does not consume gas, there is no flame, the power consumption and air energy, and the heat transfer process in the condenser, the compressor and the water is not in direct contact with the process, to eliminate the direct fire, explosion, suffocation, poisoning and other accidents .

In general, the two water heaters, each with its own shortcomings, but we can see that with the industrial and technological progress, a new generation of air to water heaters, already have a more perfect features, is becoming the most popular in the market today One of the popular water heaters.