The lack of gas crisis, the air source heat pump into a new choice for heating

In 2017, the most watched is the vigorous "coal-to-gas" reform in the north, as a result of over-population reorganization and serious catastrophe in the heating season. First of all, Hebei, Shaanxi, Shanxi and other places frequently reported limit gas, the next is a lot of "coal to gas" family failed to timely heating. Then, the gas shortage is sweeping across the country, the southern region also greatly affected, many cities in the shopping centers and institutional heating have stopped.

Gas is not enough, it can only use electric heating. However, the traditional electric heating equipment, energy efficiency is relatively low, a winter down, the heating cost of electricity is not affordable to the average family can afford. Fortunately, with the advent of air heat pumps, southern residents have better ways of heating.


China heat pump, is to absorb heat in the air to heat, energy efficiency up to 300%. Speaking of air-source heat pump, may be a lot of southerners do not know, but when it comes to air energy water heaters, I believe that many families in the south are already in use. Because of the relatively high temperature in the south, the energy-saving effect of the air-source heat pump is also very good, so the wind that has developed in the south has started to rise.

Heating is the same, air-source heat pump heating end can be warm or radiator can be warm to more comfortable for unmanaged and long-term home at home. Radiator is ready to use, heating speed, suitable for office workers.

In fact, the use of air-source heat pumps is also very energy-efficient, despite the low winter temperatures in the north, as can be seen from the large-scale use of air-source heat pumps in the northern "coal to electricity" sector. However, the buildings in the south are not insulated and their heating costs in winter are higher than those in the north. However, the use of air-source heat pump is not the same, the southern winter air temperature higher than the north, the energy-saving effect of air-source heat pump is better than the north enough to make up for the building does not heat insulation defects.