Supply heat, heating, cooling, air conditioning can't do things, air source heat pump can be done

In life, if you want to take a shower, we need to water heater; If you want to cooling, we need air conditioning; If you want to keep warm, we need electric heater. But have you ever thought, with the development of science and technology, to realize heating, refrigeration and heating, now actually need only one device can, it is the air source heat pump.

All around us, in fact, air source heat pump can be seen everywhere, but because most people lack the understanding of this product, is often seen, also did not realize that it is the air source heat ump. Air source heat pump can be divided into many products, such as changes in temperature double heat for heat pump, directly heat pump, and can provide heating + hot water + cooling heat pump, we usually call it the full effect heat pump or trigeneration heat pump.

Trigeneration air source heat pump can rely on the inside of the heat pump refrigerant, the heat from the outside world, and then through the compressor power consumption of air source heat pump work, finally will have a hot water heat flux into the cold water. This way of heating ingenious use of the free calories in the air. A high heating efficiency. We know the electric water heater, heating efficiency is only about 95%. The air source heat pump heating efficiency can reach 400%. Air source heat pump hot water produced will save electricity more than electric water heater, ideally can 75% energy saving than the electric water heater. 


Winter heating electric heater at ordinary times, we can only provide a small area of the heating, the coverage of small, local temperature is too high, comfort in general. And the electric heater is coverts electrical energy into heat energy, power consumption is big. Air source heat pump heating is very simple, installed heating the end of the line. Common have a fan coil units, at the end of floor heating pipe and air source heating floor machine. 

Air source heat pump to provide hot water, hot water along the pipe to the end. If it is hang a wall to install fan coil units, from the sky blow out hot air for heating.If floor heating pipes, it is depend on the hot water flow in the pipe produced by thermal rediation for heating. If is the air source heating floor machine, hot water can be transformed to hot, blow out from the ground to keep warm. This end, several kinds of heating need hot water temperature is not high, are below 50℃. Air source heat ump can consume small amounts of electricity to produce more than 55℃hot water, both match each other, high energy efficiency. 

Air source heat pump can refrigeration, but also for the cause of the refrigerant. In summer, heat pump can be like air conditioning, refrigerant is used to carry heat, transferring heat transfer from the interior. But with the air conditioning is different is that the air source heat pump in cooling, can also through the way of heat recovery for making hot water. So our summer cooling at the same time, also have the hot water can be used to take a bath.