Summer air conditioning "blow out the disease", air source heat pump can help you

Hot summer, whether at home, in the company, or in the car, can enjoy the cool air conditioning. However, due to a large difference between indoor and outdoor temperature difference, air conditioning air-conditioning in the blow away high temperature, but also a lot of poor physique "blow" into the hospital.

For example, a 15-year-old boy after drilling basketball directly into the air-conditioned room, the outlet directly against the body blowing, the next day to get up and found that due to local cold and cause facial paralysis; a 55-year-old woman to send grandson to kindergarten, back Home has been sweating profusely, and quickly open the air conditioning in front of the blow, the result, not long before fainted at home.


This is because the weather is too hot, many people put the air conditioning temperature is very low, if it is sweat, to the low temperature of the air-conditioned house, the body of the sweat can not come out, so that the body of the drug on the row, and some time cold and some time hot is easy to cold.

So in addition to air conditioning, there is no better way to cool it?


Air source heat pump is to absorb the free energy in the air to heat (cold), with heating, cooling, hot water and drying and other functions, compared to air conditioning, the air source heat pump, whether in the heating or cooling are more Have the advantage.

Because the air source heat pump is the water cycle, the cooling air temperature is higher, softer, closer to the human body needs, so not because of the indoor and outdoor temperature difference is too large and cause air conditioning disease. In addition, the air source heat pump can also be through the warm pipe to cool to 5 ~ 20 ℃low temperature water circulation in the pipeline, in order to achieve the purpose of reducing the indoor temperature. Compared with the blowing style of the cooling method, the advantages of this way of cooling is not a sense of cold, it will not drive the room dust, giving a natural spring as comfortable