Southern winter cold entrenched air source heat pump is very popular

Every winter, there are always discussions about whether it is cold in the north or cold in the south. Although the temperature in the south is relatively higher than in the north, once the cold air strikes, many southerners are crying for "heating." The cold in the south seems even more unacceptable. First, the air humidity in the southern part is so high that even the same temperature, the cold felt by the human body is much more pronounced than that of the north. Second, the hot summer in the south, with different building designs, emphasizes heat dissipation and no insulation, and the winter is equally cold.


Foshan Guangteng New Energy Co., Ltd. is one of the most professional and outstanding heat pump water heater manufacturers, and has been committed to the development, production, marketing and after-sales service of heat pump since founded in 2003, and granted as credit business enterprise by Chinese Government.The face of the cold in the south, many people began to spend money on the purchase of a variety of heating equipment, air conditioners, heaters and other common equipment needless to say, to say the most popular, or air-source heat pump.

Air source heat pump is a heat transfer equipment. It has a refrigerant inside, can absorb the heat in the air, and then used to make hot water to meet the residential hot water needs. As long as installed at home air-source heat pump to warm, you can drive away the cold. Bring warmth.

Ms. Xie who lives in Zhuzhou, Hunan Province is so winter. Although Zhuzhou belongs to the true sense of the south, but the winter temperature is not low. So Ms. Xie installed air heat pump heating at the beginning of winter. After more than half of the winter's use, Ms. Xie is full of praise for heat pump heating: "This winter, the house is not cold, the children and husband are very happy, but also thanks to the air source heat pump. When the weather is cold Turn on the air source heat pump floor heating machine on the living room, the ground heating up quickly, the living room and then warm it.When the climate is warm, turn off the floor heating machine.Air source heat pump can also provide bathing hot water.Now my home are not installed water heater, and rely on the air source heat pump for heat, hot water, very convenient. "