Solar water heaters and air source heat pump water heaters, which is more energy-efficient

Solar water heaters and air source heat pump water heaters are recognized as two energy saving water heaters, appear in our lives a lot. Solar water heaters are the third generation of water heaters, which appear earlier, with the light released by the sun as a heat source. Light energy is converted into heat energy through a large area of the collector plate.

Air source heat pump water heaters are the fourth generation of water heaters, although late into the market, but showing the trend of staying up, and now the market share is closely catching up with solar water heaters. Through the refrigerant, it absorbs the heat in the air, processes the heat and releases it into the water to produce hot water.

Solar energy and air energy are all energy-saving, then who is more energy-efficient?

Good weather in the sky, the sun is abundant, sunshine time is long, for solar water heaters to absorb the light energy is very much. At this time, solar water heaters have a steady stream of heat sources, can be very efficient preparation of hot water. In this case, the solar water heater does not consume the basic heating energy, heating energy efficiency ranked first, is more energy-efficient than air-source heat pump water heater.


However, in real life, it can not be good weather every day. Cloudy, rainy and even rainy weather frequency is not low. Under such circumstances, the heating efficiency of the solar water heater is severely affected by the dark clouds covering the sunlight, and the heating efficiency also drops drastically. According to the statistics of the relevant agencies, in most parts of our country, about 1/3 of the time solar water heaters can not provide hot water stably, and electric auxiliary heating needs to be activated. At this time, the heating efficiency of solar water heaters has dropped drastically.

In contrast, air source heat pump water heaters more stable heating. It uses a dedicated compressor heat pump, with efficient heat exchangers, heating efficiency up to 400%. That is, consume 1 kWh, you can get 4kw of heat. In this case, the air source heat pump heater saves 75% more than the electric water heater or gas water heater.

Just as solar water heaters are affected by sunlight, air-source heat pump water heaters are also affected by temperature. Air-source heat pump water heaters have a heating efficiency of 400% at temperatures around 20 °C, but the heating efficiency of air source heat pump water heaters decays as soon as the temperature drops noticeably. However, the decline of air source heat pump water heater, apparently to be more gentle.

To sum up, in fact, to be out of the objective conditions, that solar energy and air source water heater who is more energy-efficient is no result. Specific conditions can only be analyzed in sufficient sunshine, solar water heaters more energy-efficient. The air-source heat pump water heater wins in the stability of stronger, whether it is summer or winter, can have a low heating efficiency.