Snow struck Guangdong, air-source water heater into heating savior

Every winter, the cold is always absent. However, due to the vast territory of our country, the climate differences in different regions are also very clear. As we all know, Guangdong and Hainan provinces are typical of the southern climate, the average winter temperature is relatively high. Rarely appear below 5 ℃ weather, not to mention the snow. Recently, however, snowflakes floated in areas such as Shaoguan and Qingyuan in northern Guangdong in a cold wave of invasion.

The temperature drop, the entire Guangdong Province, most of the temperature drop is 5 ~ 10 ℃, the maximum cooling rate in some areas may even reach 12 ℃. Suddenly from 18 ℃ warm weather down to the single-digit cold weather, which makes some people caught by surprise, have started to buy heating equipment to cope with the cold wave.

In the South, heating systems used by various households are also varied due to the lack of central heating. The common is nothing more than oil Ting, air conditioners and air-source water heater.


Oil Ting also known as oil-filled heater, looks like a mobile radiator. Its heating principle is to install the electric heating pipe inside the heat sink cavity, and heat conduction oil is injected around the electric heating pipe in the cavity. After the device is powered on, the heat is dissipated to the room. Although the oil heater heats up very fast and the heating is not polluted, the oil heater has a relatively small heating range, high power consumption and large electricity bills.

Air conditioning heating is more common, after all, the hot summer in the south, almost every household has installed air conditioning. The dual air conditioning has been popular. When the need for warmth, users turn on air conditioning, air conditioning blowing hot air, the use of active heat convection way to enhance room temperature. This heating method, there is a clear lack of: comfort is not high. Air-conditioning heating is achieved through the fluorine medium, dehumidification is serious, so prone to dry mouth, it is not suitable for long-term open.

Heat pump suppliers offer the air source water heater as a new era of heating equipment, heating design is more innovative, not only to meet the whole 24-hour hot water supply, and even with a variety of heating ends with the completion of residential heating.

Air source water heaters are devices that divert heat from the air to the water. Its heating principle and air conditioning are similar, are achieved through the refrigerant, but because of adding a new "water cycle" system, with water as the intermediate medium to do the second heat transfer, air source water heater and fan coil, air can To match with the end of the warm machine, the exhaust hot air is not dry, more comfortable. Besides energy consumption, because the air source water heater is to follow the "anti-Carnot principle" heating, water heaters consume 1 degree of electrical energy, you can get up to 4kw of heat from the air. Heating efficiency higher than the oil, so there are certain advantages in electricity.

Energy saving, environmental protection and comfort, air source water heater is not only popular in the northern "coal to electricity", but also become a "magic weapon" for many southern residents to warm the winter.