Security plus energy saving, air-source heat pump out in the water heater market a day

Air source heat pump water heater as the fourth generation of household water heater in the end where new? Why won by the gas water heater, electric water heater, solar water heater control of the water heater market win?

Air-source heat pump

Bathing a higher level of safety

Every year, because gas water heaters burst, electric water heater leakage caused by casualties after another. This makes everyone begin to attach importance to bathing safety. The accident of the traditional water heater, does not mean that these water heater industrial design failed. Only because of the heating principle of the water heater itself.

The air-source heat pump water heater at the beginning of the development, the traditional water heater for some deficiencies have been improved to "reverse Karnaugh principle" to heat, improve the safety of water heaters. Its safety is reflected in the following aspects: First, no combustion, no emissions, waste emissions, no CO poisoning, explosion danger. The second is without electrical auxiliary heating, water, electricity completely separate, no electric shock, leakage hazards. Third, the air source heat pump water heaters have temperature control function, the user a key set the temperature, the water heater can control the water temperature within 55 ℃, will not cause burns.

Energy-saving effect is good

Air-source heat pump water heaters take heat from the air, so the heating efficiency of the equipment is among the highest in the class. At room temperature about 20 ℃, the air-source heat pump heating energy efficiency COP can be as high as 4.0. In other words, consume 1 kWh of electricity and can carry 4 kW of heat from the air. The electric water heater heating energy efficiency is only about 0.95. Two contrast, air-source heat pump water heater heating efficiency is four times that of electric water heaters, energy saving 75%.

200L water heated from 15 degrees to 55 degrees costs


Relevant data show that 200L water heated from 15 degrees to 45 degrees, electric water heaters need to consume 9.79 degrees of electricity costs 5.87 yuan. Air-source heat pump water heater consumes 2.19 degrees of electricity, the cost of 1.31 yuan. On the other hand, a good air source heat pump water heaters using heat pump dedicated compressor, the service life of up to 10 to 15 years, more cost-effective long-term use, while the general service life of electric water heaters only 6 to 8 years. Produce the same capacity of hot water, air-source heat pump water heater consumes less electricity than the electric water heater, and the use of longer.