Popular throughout the air-source heat pump, coal age toward the end

For residents who have lived in northern areas for many years, buying coal, transporting coal and burning coal has become the basic operation of many people. In the north of the Qinling-Huaihe River heating demarcation line, temperatures are very low in most areas, so we often use coal-fired boilers for heating.

However, the use of coal-fired boilers has been decreasing in recent years for the simple reason that coal pollution is relatively large. One tonne of standard coal produces 24 kilograms of sulfur dioxide, 7 kilograms of nitrogen oxides and 2.6 tons of carbon dioxide during combustion. Respirable particulate matter and coal ash are numerous. The accumulation of these substances has led to serious environmental problems.


In order to curb the consumption of coal and improve air quality, China has introduced a "coal to electricity" policy, began to popularize clean air source heat pump equipment. From Beijing to Hebei, Shanxi, and then to Shandong and other regions, the popularity of air-source heat pump amazing speed, this new era of cleaning and heating equipment is beginning to get hot.

The air source heat pump by users around the reason is very simple, first of all, heating costs are not expensive. Taking a farmhouse courtyard in Fangshan district of Beijing as an example, the courtyard houses an air source heat pump, and the owner of the courtyard records the power consumption of its own heat pump from October 29, 2014 to March 6, 2015. Data show that about 4 months of heating season, air-source heat pump power consumption is only about 3700 degrees, according to Beijing's civil electricity price calculation, the total cost only 1900 yuan,  same as burning coal.


Although the cost is about the same as with coal, air-source heat pumps are more comfortable to heat than coal. Friends who have used coal-fired stoves for heating should know that coal heating requires constant coal addition at regular intervals. If the coal quality is not good, the temperature of the heating will fluctuate, suddenly hot and cold. The use of air-source heat pump heating is different, air-source heat pump is an automated device that absorbs heat from the air, the heat in the air can be transported to the water tank to produce hot water. This fully automated process thermal process, controlled by the electronic chip, so can be done around the clock to provide hot water, to ensure high-quality heating effect.

More importantly, air-source heat pump heating, do not consume coal, it will not produce polluting gases, the kind of black smoke will not occur in the sky, enhance the quality of life of residents.

Air source heat pump heating economy, environmental protection and stability. Three new advantages, so that air-source heat pump has become the first choice for heating a new era.