Neighbors install this water heater, electricity bills every month less than half my home

We all know that water heater is an essential appliance in our house, and now the market is more and more types of water heaters, everyone at home are still using these traditional electric water heaters, gas water heaters and solar water heaters it? This is too out of date, and now smart home with this water heater, neighbors home decoration of this water heater, electricity bills less than half my family a month, regret did not know earlier! Let's understand it below:


We look at the picture above, which is used by neighbors is this water heater, I believe many of my friends do not know, in fact, called air to water heat pump (Heating or DHW), also known as "air-source heat pump water heater." The air source water heater absorbs the low-temperature heat in the air, passes through the fluorine medium to gasify, and then is compressed and pressurized by the compressor to increase the temperature and then heats the water through the heat exchanger. The compressed high-temperature heat heats the water.

The biggest advantage of air energy water heaters is more energy efficient than ordinary water heaters, simply save money, the same is the heating of 1 ton of hot water, the air heating rate is generally 4-6 times the electric water heater, which the annual average thermal efficiency ratio is 4 times that of electric heating, with high energy efficiency.

Below we simply calculate the electric water heaters, gas water heaters and air-source heat pump water heaters, 1 ton of cold water from 15 ℃ to 55 ℃ to spend the money for comparison. The heat calculation formula is: Q = 1000 kg × (55 ℃ -15 ℃) × 1 kcal / kg ℃ = 40000 kcal.

Draws, electric water heater power consumption of 48.96 degrees, if the price is 0.6 yuan / kWh, then the cost per ton of hot water will be 27.32 yuan, while the gas water heater hot water consumption of 6.72 cubic meters of natural gas if the natural gas price of 2.5 Yuan / cubic, then the cost per ton of hot water is 16.8 yuan, while the air-source heat pump water heater power consumption of 16.32 degrees, then the hot water costs as long as 9.11 yuan per ton. From this we can see that air-source heat pump water heaters are more economical than gas water heaters, electric water heaters.

In addition to saving money, air-source heat pump water heaters also need to be safer and more environmentally friendly. Electric heating elements are also not in direct contact with water, avoiding the risk of electric leakage, consuming no gas and not worrying about potential safety hazards such as carbon monoxide poisoning, air pollution. In addition, air-source heat pump water heaters in -25 degrees to 40 degrees temperature, can be 24 hours a day under pressure operation, this convenience than solar water heaters have to make.