Natural gas supply is not enough, Air-source heat pump to carry the banner of cleaning and heating

As time goes by, the temperature in all places shows a continuous decrease. Winter is coming and heating is starting all over the country. Burning coal to heat is one of the common heating methods. However, due to coal heating pollution, high energy consumption, seriously affecting the air quality, clean heating has become the theme of this era.

According to the use of clean heating equipment can be divided into two categories, namely "coal to gas" and "coal to electricity." The former is the consumption of natural gas, the use of natural gas boiler to heating. The latter is driven by electric energy heaters, air-source heat pumps to heat. Whether it is "coal to gas" or "coal to electricity" are the national heating programs, but in practical applications, natural gas heating has its own limitations.

Xi'an natural gas heating out of the situation. The whole story is this: November 15 is the original Xi'an heating time. However, on the afternoon of the 14th, due to insufficient supply of upstream natural gas, natural gas boilers of various heat companies could not operate. About 170 suburb communities were seriously affected and their homes were still cold. The person in charge of the local thermal company is also a little helpless on the matter, said: The company has done a good job here, but the natural gas supply is not in place, they have no solution.

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This situation is not uncommon in our country. China has a large population base. The total amount of gas required for a heating season in the entire northern region is a huge sum. Therefore, it is inevitable that there will be insufficient natural gas supply in some areas. In addition, in some remote rural areas, natural gas pipelines have not yet been covered, let alone provide something.

It is for the reasons mentioned above that heating of natural gas does not necessarily apply to each region. In contrast, "coal to electricity" has become a clean heating options in many areas. In the "coal to electricity", electric heating due to excessive energy consumption, in many areas have been restricted to use, air-source heat pump has become a carry "coal to electricity" banner of the equipment.

In the capital city of Beijing, from Miyun District to Tongzhou District, then from Tongzhou District to Daxing District, air source heat pump can be seen everywhere. In rural areas, the use of air-source heat pump heating has become a new way residents to enjoy warm winter. Ms. Zhang who lives in Miyun District is a typical example. Ms. Zhang was a beneficiary of "coal to electricity" in 2016. In 2016, her family installed an air source heat pump and no longer used coal for heating. After a winter use, Ms. Zhang greatly appreciated in the interview on the air source heat pump: "In the past, burning coal, can be troublesome, add coal every day, but also often produce black smoke.Have put on the air source heat pump last year, plug in the power set temperature, you can have heating.Do not need to worry about other things, very convenient.And after a winter of use, I think the heat pump heating coal to a lot of temperature, the temperature will not fluctuate, very comfortable. "