Low temperature environment using air source heat pump, learn these points more save electricity

From a few years ago, the state launched "Coal to Electricity" and implemented heating renovation in many areas in the north. Air source heat pump this clean heating equipment because of low energy consumption, pollution has become the main cleaning and heating equipment, welcomed by many users.

The low energy consumption of the air source heat pump, because it relies on the "anti-Carnot principle" to heat, the heating efficiency of the equipment higher than the common equipment. However, we also found the phenomenon that the heating costs vary even for the same equipment used by different households. And the reason that causes this kind of circumstance, have a relation with personal usage habit. Today, air energy technicians can tell you how to make the air source heat pump more energy efficient.


1. Use radiator thermostatic valve   

Radiator thermostatic valve is a valve that often appears in heating system. By controlling the valve, we can adjust the flow of refrigerant. Usually, most of my friends choose to install hot water pipes to heat air-source heat pumps. In this case, a radiator thermostatic valve is installed in each individual area. If we do not often in the study activities, you can adjust the valve to reduce the study of heating. If we sleep at night, we can reduce the heating temperature of the study and the living room at the same time to reduce the heat pump heat, reduce power consumption and save money.

2. Timely adjust the hot water temperature

Air source heat pump is made by heating water and heating with the end of the heating, so the higher the set water temperature, heat pump more power. According to the change of the ambient temperature, when the temperature of the hot water is reasonably adjusted, the power consumption of the device can be reduced. Generally speaking, before the installation of the air source heat pump, the relevant personnel will make relevant calculations. According to the area of the house and the local temperature, calculate the required heat load of the whole house in the coldest time, so as to draw Heating the required temperature. Therefore, we only need to consult more technicians, we can determine the temperature should be set, follow the advice of professionals, you can effectively save electricity.

3. Reasonable cooling when going out

Daily life, and ultimately, go out, many of my friends go out to work during the day, turn off the warm habit, I think this can save electricity. In fact, such an operation is not suitable. Because once the pipe without hot water, heat loss quickly, the indoor temperature will drop sharply. Wait until after get off work, we go home and then open to warm, but take a long time to restore warmth.

The correct approach is to go out to work, when no one at home, the temperature will be reduced to about 13 ~ 15 ℃. When the family has lived, talk about the temperature increased to about 20 ℃. Why is it 20 ℃? Because scientific research shows that the temperature of about 20 ℃is the most suitable environment for human activities. As a result, go out to reduce the temperature and reduce the heat pump workload, save electricity, come back quickly warming up to achieve comfortable heating.