Let air source heat pump "longevity" skills


As consumers become more aware of air source heat pumps, more and more families choose to buy air-source heat pumps as hot water supplies in their homes. The advantages of air source heat pump are generally recognized by consumers, heating efficiency higher than the traditional electric water heater, more energy saving, longer life. In fact, in daily use, if you pay more attention to maintenance and use, you can also increase the life of the air source heat pump.

So what are the daily skills need to master it?

1. Keep the heat pump dry

Many of my friends who live in the south like to install an air source heat pump near the bathroom. However, in most areas of the South, the air humidity and over-humid environment will affect the use of air source heat pumps. Therefore, it is advisable to clean the water near the air source heat pump in a timely manner so that the air source heat pump can keep dry for a long time so as not to affect the use.

2. Clever use of water heater

Air-source heat pump heating is the core component of the compressor. The heat pump compressor receives the gaseous energy coming from the evaporator, then pressurizes the gaseous energy to heat it up and prepares hot water. A lot of air energy companies, in order to maintain the service life of water heaters, have adopted the Copeland, Mitsubishi and other large compressors, air-source heat pump, in general, can last up to 10 years.

However, the best compressor is always mechanical equipment, as long as the use, there will be wear and tear, so in daily use. Suggest that you do not need hot water, you can properly let the heat pump to stop working. If the heat pump with timed start function, you can set the heat pump timing start, reduce the meaningless work of the heat pump.

3.Air inlet do not put small objects

Air source heat pump to draw heat from the air, so common heat pump will be set with a clear air inlet. Many consumers in order to look nice, will hang some small objects in the air inlet position. This is not desirable. Because small objects once inadvertently inhaled into the air inlet, may result in air source heat pump failure, can not be normal heating.

4. Cleaning work from time to time

Air-source heat pump is a water storage equipment, water tank in the long-term storage of hot water. In the high temperature environment, there may be a lot of water tank accumulation of scale. Low thermal conductivity scale, will affect the normal operation of the air source heat pump. Therefore, it is recommended that you regularly (about once every six months) ask technicians to go home cleaning the water heater, air-source heat pump at home to maintain a clean state.