Knowledge of Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater(1)

1.  Heat pump in the end what is it?

 To give a simple example, the car can consume a few liters of gasoline from one place to another, and the heat pump unit can absorb heat from nature through the heat pump "carry" (power to drive the heat pump) Production, life of the heat.

2. Heat pump which several?

Depending on the heat source, the heat pump can be divided into air source heat pump, water source heat pump and ground source heat pump.

3.  Is the air source heat pump hot water unit used and easy to operate?

The use of very simple, the entire unit using intelligent intelligent control system, the user only need to open the first time in the use of power, in the future use of the process of fully automated operation, to reach the user specified water temperature automatically shut down, lower than the user specified water temperature system Start running, fully realized 24 hours a day with hot water without waiting.

4.  The heat pump water heater suitable for use in what temperature range?

Heat pump water heater requirements in the ambient temperature range of -5 to 45 ℃, less than -5 ℃, the COP value is low, no significant energy saving effect.

5. What are the advantages of heat pump hot water unit?

(1) Has a thermal storage function, can use low-cost grain

(2) Can use a variety of low heat sources, to achieve comprehensive utilization of building equipment energy

(3) Air source heat pump hot water unit does not require specialized room, unit and water tank layout position is more flexible

6. Is the heat pump water heater a solar product?

Generally speaking is yes, but the heat pump unit and conventional solar energy products are essentially different, mainly reflected in the working principle of the different; conventional solar energy products must rely on direct sunlight or radiation in order to achieve heating effect, and heat pump The unit is mainly to absorb the heat in the environment to achieve the heating effect.

7. What is the advantage of the heat pump product compared to the boiler?

(1) High thermal efficiency: product thermal efficiency over 300% annual average, while the boiler thermal efficiency will not exceed 100%.

(2) Low operating costs: and fuel, gas boiler than the annual average of 70% of the energy plus electricity prices and fuel prices rise, the advantages of low operating costs have become increasingly prominent.

(3) Environmental protection: heat pump products without any combustion emissions, refrigerant selection of environmentally friendly refrigerant R410A, zero pollution on the ozone layer, is a very good environment-friendly products.

(4) Safe operation, no duty: compared with the fuel boiler, running absolutely safe, fully automated control, without personnel on duty, can save staff costs. Modular installation, easy to add equipment: the use of multiple units in parallel installation mode, when the user increased water consumption, the device can be added at any time, to the user a very large convenience.