Knowledge of Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater ( 2 )

1. What is the heat pump unit to absorb heat ?

Heat pump unit equipment dedicated to an endothermic medium - refrigerant, it is in the liquefied state below minus 20 ℃, with the outside temperature there is a temperature difference. Therefore, the refrigerant can absorb the outside heat, evaporate vaporization within the evaporator, through the heat pump unit compressor work to improve the temperature of the refrigerant, and then through the condenser to the refrigerant from the vaporization state into liquefaction state, in the conversion process, the release A lot of heat, the water tank to the transfer of water, so that the water temperature to achieve the purpose of heating water, which is the product of the unique, but also the reasons for the market potential.


2. Heat pump unit in the heat exchanger, then the operation must be used to electricity?

Is to use electricity, but only used to drive the heat pump from the external environment to absorb heat, and the heat released to heat the hot water, rather than as conventional electric water heater as a direct heating water, so the power consumption is very small.


3. Heat pump unit and other heating methods compared to what advantages?

Heat pump unit heating is mainly reflected in: efficient, energy saving, environmental protection, safety. No pollution, no gas, no electricity to promote the components, absolutely safe; without any waste gas, waste water, waste emissions, absolute environmental protection, heat pump unit annual average operating costs only 1/4 of direct heating, fuel, / 3 ~ 1/2, conventional solar energy 1 / 1.5.

4. What is the initial investment and recycling cycle?

Heat pump unit will be the first phase of investment than fuel, gas boiler slightly higher, but because of its special energy-saving effect, generally within a year and a half through the energy-saving way to recover the cost of boilers and other heating methods generally life only five years, The life of the heat pump unit can be as long as fifteen years. Air to water heaters than diesel boilers a year to save operating costs.


5. Air to water heat pump unit power consumption in general how much?

Air to water heat pump unit thermal efficiency is generally 300% -500% to 40 ℃ temperature calculation, the production of one ton of hot water consumption of about 9-15 degrees. While the ordinary electric heating mode needs to consume 42 degrees.


6. Do you need to always charge the refrigerant?

No need. Air source heat pump unit is the same as the refrigerator is sealed parts, in the delivery of the user has been filled with a good amount of refrigerant, the user does not need to use their own filling process.


7. Do you need to provide room?

No need, the heat pump unit can be placed anywhere you specify, does not affect the beautiful building, just little space, no direct light, the installation is very easy, can be placed in the open, can also be placed in the inconspicuous corner or In, and can achieve unattended operation, automatic control of constant temperature water supply.