Q&A knowledge about air source heat pump water heater( 1 )

1. Air source heat pump water heater host and tank installation where is better?
Answer:  the air source heat pump water heater is installed on the balcony, bay window is the best choice, benefit is not occupy interior space, safe stable, the hot water pipe system will have plenty of hot water;Better host installed in the ventilation, sunny places.Wave window or plugins metope, can let host as far as possible absorb heat from the air, improve the heating efficiency.It is reported that more than 90% of users will choose such way of installation.
2.Air source heat pump water heater has many save electricity?For how many people use?
Answer: the air source heat pump water heater is generally use 220 ~ 240V power supply, 850 w ~ 1250 w power, room temperature, can manufacture 160 ~ 200 L hot water every two hours, for use, 3 ~ 6 people day power consumption 2 degrees (low temperature cold weather conditions, the power consumption will be slightly higher), daily consumption of money 1 yuan or so, so apply only 2 ~ 4 people per month on average electricity 20 ~ 30 yuan.While gas fee of about 150 yuan, and 200 L electric water heater in 2000W, heat preservation and heat every day need 15 degrees electric consumption, about 7.5 yuan, month cost 200 yuan (power consumption will be higher when the cold weather).Compared to air can water heater and electric water heater can save cost is about 70-80% a month.
Temperature control will automatically stop when set at 55 ℃, when start to use hot water, there will be into the cold water, until the temperature fell to 45 ℃ (set), can be arbitrary, the system will automatically start, per hour can produce 45 ~ 55 ℃ hot water continuously from 100 to 700 litres (specific varies by product).After tests, each shower water temperature should be 42 ℃, 40 ~ 50 litres of hot water, air, heat pump water heater can provide more than 3 people shower one-time continuous.3 but normal shower time should be 1 hour, so add hot water can be used by many people.
3. Air source heat pump water heater open all day power consumption?
Answer:  air source heat pump water heater while 24 hours with electricity, but not heating is not electricity, air source heat pump water heater in the water temperature reaches a stable temperature is automatically converted to heat preservation, don't waste electricity and heat preservation, simply rely on water tank insulation, makes the water heat loss rate is very slow.A high quality water tank insulation effect in more than 72 hours, that means, boiled water in 72 hours still can be used in the bath.Families with air source heat pump water heater, generally within 2 hours in a day's work time, and its efficiency is as high as 400%, its energy saving effect is highlighted.
4. Air source heat pump water heater heating fast unhappy?
Answer: the air source heat pump water heater heating speed according to the inlet water temperature and outdoor temperature difference.Each box water both 150 L and 200 L, the average heating takes about 70 minutes.Summer water temperature and outdoor temperature is higher, rapid heating, general 40 minutes heating;Winter water of low temperature and outdoor temperature, heating slower, generally takes 90 minutes to complete.So only do host power and reasonable match the size of water tank, can achieve the goal of fast heating and energy saving, reflects the characteristics of air source heat pump energy saving and convenient.