It is necessary to understand the basics of air source heat pumps

1. Air energy water heater is what?

Air energy heat pump water heaters, also known as "air source heat pump water heaters" "heat pump water heaters" "air energy water heaters" and so on. Air energy heat pump water heaters (air source heat pump water heaters) in the heat pump can absorb low-temperature heat in the air come in, after the compressor is compressed into high-temperature heat, heat water temperature. This water heater (air source heat pump water heaters) has the characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving, the power consumption is equivalent to 1/4 of the same capacity electric water heater, gas water heater is 1/3.

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2. What is the principle of air to water heater?

Heat pump is essentially a heat-lifting device, the role of the heat pump is to draw heat from the surrounding environment and deliver it to the heated object (the object of higher temperature), its working principle and the same refrigerator, are in accordance with the inverse Carnot cycle work, the only difference is the operating temperature range.

A compression heat pump unit, the main evaporator, compressor, condenser and expansion valve is composed of four parts, by continuous evaporation of the working fluid (to absorb the heat in the environment) →compression →condensation (heat release) →throttle →Re-evaporate the heat cycle, thus transferring the heat from the environment into the water.

3. Air energy water heater structure and the main components are what?

Air energy water heater mainly by the compressor, evaporator, condenser, throttling device, insulation tank and other components.

Compressor: The compressor is the heart of the heat pump water heater, its function and working principle is the same as that of the compressor of the vapor compression refrigeration system. However, since the heat pump compressor needs to be used throughout the year, the working time is long, the working environment temperature and humidity Floating dust conditions vary greatly, the condensing temperature is high, the winter temperature is low, the working temperature difference between the hot and cold ends of the heat pump is large, and the operating conditions are harsh. Therefore, the heat pump water heater has higher requirements on the compressor.

Evaporator: Directly from the air to absorb heat devices. After the refrigerant is discharged from the throttling device, the temperature is very low (below normal temperature). When the evaporator passes through the evaporator, the refrigerant absorbs the heat in the air through the copper pipe and the fins, and carries the absorbed heat, The refrigerant enters the compressor again for the next cycle.

Condenser: High temperature and pressure refrigerant vapor discharged from the compressor is condensed into liquid refrigerant through heat dissipation. The heat absorbed by the refrigerant from the evaporator is absorbed by the medium (atmosphere) around the condenser. The role of the condenser just the opposite of the evaporator, the air heater operation, through the evaporator, the role of the compressor and the formation of high-pressure high-temperature refrigerant vapor in the condenser to release heat absorbed by the water to achieve steam and water Heat exchange, the water temperature rise after absorbing heat, while the refrigerant in the condenser will be from high temperature and pressure gas into a high pressure liquid, which is actually the reason the air can produce hot water.

Throttling device: Throttling device plays a great role in heat exchange process. When the normal temperature and high pressure heat exchange medium flows through the throttle valve, it will become a medium with low temperature and low pressure so as to be able to exchange heat with the outside environment. The throttling device also plays an important role of regulating the flow of the refrigerant and establishing the pressure difference between the high and low pressure of the system. The throttling device also has the function of controlling overheating of refrigerant at the outlet of the evaporator and controlling the liquid level of the evaporator so as to make full use of the heat exchange area of the evaporator while preventing the suction belt from damaging the compressor.

Water tank: Like an electric water heater, when the heat pump is unable to meet the on-the-go heat usage requirements, a hot water tank must be used to store the prefabricated hot water. Therefore, the role of the tank is to store hot water, connected to the water pipe after the first full of water, start the main freon refrigerant through the radiator condensation heat, the heat transferred to the water, the water gradually heated.