Installation of air-source heat pump for heating, keep in mind "rather big " principle

This winter, "coal to electricity" very hot, air-source heat pump can be seen everywhere. Although air-source heat pumps can be used with fan coils, hot water pipes, and air energy warm machines, hot water pipelines are the most popular. The reason is very simple, hot water pipes laid in the floor heating, installed under the floor, you can cover the entire residential, reduce heating dead ends. Heating comfort is very high.

However, there is a saying in the industry called "one-third of products, seven installation", in order to really enjoy the comfort of air-source heat pump to warm, the relevant installation or selection knowledge or a little better.

In the case of heating in the north, occasionally friends reflect that they installed the air source heat pump to warm, but the effect is not to force, the temperature does not come, the winter is not warm enough. Warm enough to warm, it may be because the original design, selection appeared on some deficiencies. You know, air source heat pump to warm refers to a system, rather than a single heat pump equipment. In the choice of heat pump models, need to have some understanding of their own heating area. Some friends may simply consider the construction area, in fact, the construction area is not the heating area, both have certain discrepancies. If you choose according to the construction area, then there may be insufficient heat load provided by the heat pump unit, affecting the room temperature.


Clear the heating area, we have to know a principle - "rather big." Refers to the choice of the unit when the choice of slightly larger models, vacated some margin. The reasons are as follows: The air source heat pump unit needs to rely on compressor compressed air to generate heat. The air compressor on the market is also a source of heat pump is uneven, many well-known companies because of the relatively strong in the hard power, often choose the more high-end Mitsubishi heat pump dedicated compressor, there are some small and medium enterprises choose the general compressor, good compressor service life is longer. However, after all, the compressor is a mechanical, in the course of many years of use, inevitably due to constant use of certain equipment loss.

Because of this, our advantage of " rather big" is revealed. Even if the air-source heat pump heating efficiency slightly decreased, but also can ensure a long period of time, the heat pump to meet the heating needs of the entire interior. In addition, if you hit the extreme weather like a snowstorm, the heating capacity of larger units, the heating effect can be achieved will be better than the smaller units.