How to get customers to love your heat pump heating project

Air source heat pump industry, "one-third of the product, seven install", want to get customer recognition, the simplest point is to make the project more scientific and reasonable, more beautiful. People are visual animals, like to see the good things, so a beautiful project is essential. So what about the "beautiful" project?

Reasonable layout

In a limited installation space, to design a good water tank, the location of the unit and the direction of the pipeline, this reasonable layout determines the aesthetic degree of the project.

Neatly uniform

The so-called "uniform" is the unit in a line, the water tank in a line, the so-called "neat" is the equipment and other equipment to be evenly spaced. This step on the next to do the "horizontal and vertical" is very critical, can not be uniform, even to do horizontal and vertical, out of the effect is not ideal.

Horizontal and vertical

Horizontal vertical for the water, the circuit of the circuit. To do horizontal and vertical, would rather turn three bend does not take a ramp tube. Horizontal and vertical in fact the most able to show the level of construction workers, but also the best part of the project reflects the grade.

The details of the installation of the project:

1. Water tank channel. Whether or not there is no concrete base, do not install the tank directly to the ground, plus a channel base, grade moment to enhance, and indeed have a role, can prevent the lower water tank corrosion.


2. Unit base. The unit must be a base, from the ground 15 to 30 cm, the conditions can be a few units at the same time to do a whole base, this will also enhance the grade.

3. All the steel angle iron brush antirust paint, and then brush a layer of silver paint, so not only have the texture of stainless steel, and silver paint and aluminum foil insulation, stainless steel water tank color close to the overall sense of the strong.

4. Electric control box. Indicators can do more to enhance the level of electronic control, and the lights do not increase the point of failure.

5. Shock pad, indicating signs. These ancillary equipment is best to do, will make the project look more standardized, professional.

Protection details

After the initial installation, pipe insulation, protective measures are also important. Although the whole process is very cumbersome, and even slow down the progress of the project, increase the cost, but in this cohabitation industry background, thus creating the reputation is the greatest competitiveness.