Household air source heat pump water heater outside machine how to clean

With the continuous promotion of household air source heat pump water heaters, the earliest air-source heat pumps of the users of those households may have been with them for ten years. During use, many users discovered that the air-source heat pump water heaters had been using electricity for the first few years and that the power saving effect was obvious. The heating speed was also fast, but it had not been used for a few years. It was like a gradually aging machine. The heating time was increased. The longer it takes, the more power it consumes.

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The external unit of the split-type air source heat pump water heater needs to absorb the heat source in the air and is usually placed in a well-ventilated place such as an outdoor balcony, equipment platform, roof channel, etc. However, long-term placement is affected by sand, dust, and often a lot of fouling occurs. Directly affect the air-source heat pump water heater heating efficiency, which makes the air-source heat pump water heater economic advantages of the advantages of greatly reduced.

Today, our discussion topic is: How to cleaned the household air source heat pump water heaters ?

Q: How often does the air source heat pump water heater need to be cleaned once?

A: It depends on the location of the user and the location of the external device. If it is wind and dust, and the environment around it is dirty, it is best to clean it every month. Under normal circumstances, it must be cleaned once every three to four months, mainly to remove the scale on the external heat sink to ensure the unit runtime efficiency.

Q: How to clean external air source heat pump water heater?

A: For security and professional considerations, everyone is better to clean to the professional, use a weak alkaline solution or a special "dust" to clean the surface of the heat exchanger dirt dust, rinse with tap water after cleaning Clean residual cleaning solution.

If you want to clean yourself from an economic point of view, there are three specific cleaning methods. But no matter what kind. First of all, it must be, unplug the power supply.

1. Simple tap water rinse

Can be used directly under the water from the rinse, the rinse process is mainly the outer wing of the aluminum foil fins, that is, heat exchanger and left and right side flush. However, when flushing, care must be taken to avoid water flowing into the fan bearings, which may cause poor lubrication.

2. Long hair brush cleaning

If your heat pump water heater placed outdoors all year long, dust will not be a major force in the “dirty army.” If you are not comfortable with the flushing method in your home, you may also consider using a long hair brush to wash with water. The cleaning part is also a fin-shaped aluminum foil heat sink, and the top-down scrubbing method is used when cleaning.

3. Pressure pot cleaning

The pressure pot with watering can be used, and it can be sprayed and flushed toward the condenser of the external machine. If there is dirt blocking the heat exchanger, vacuum cleaner can also be used for adsorption cleaning.