Heating + hot water supply, air-source heat pump to become a new choice for clean heating

In the past few years, under the background of the country's advocacy of clean heating, "coal-to-electricity" has become a topic of relish for the inhabitants of northern China. "Coal to electricity" is well understood: the use of electric heating equipment to replace coal-fired boilers, as a new choice for heating in winter. Electric heating equipment includes air-source heat pump and electric heater. Both are driven directly by electrical energy and do not consume any natural gas, so even in the absence of natural gas it does not affect the use of electrical heating equipment.


Between electric heaters and air-source heat pumps, the latter has become more popular in recent years because of the power-saving effect. Air-source heat pump heating principle is very similar with the air-conditioning, also rely on reverse carnot principle, the use of compressors, refrigerants, evaporators to create hot water. However, the design of air conditioners was primarily used as refrigeration equipment at the beginning of design. Air-conditioners were more inclined to provide air-conditioners. In contrast, air-conditioners were not as good as air-source heat pumps in terms of heating. Air source heat pump built specifically for heating and heat pump designed for compressors, the energy efficiency has been significantly improved.

Air-source heat pump specific how energy? As the air source heat pump is taken from the air heat, so heat pump heating energy efficiency is higher than the electric heater. Direct heating electric heating energy efficiency is only about 0.95, and some of the more common on the market of air-source heat pump products, heating energy efficiency can reach 2.0 or 3.0. Only from the heating efficiency point of view, air-source heat pump is electric heating several times, so to provide the same amount of heat under the premise of air-source heat pump electric energy consumption is only about one-third of electric heating.

In Hebei Province, there are specific cases show that the use of air-source heat pump for a heating area of 80 m2 of residential heating, a heating season for four months, count related to economic subsidies, heating costs about 2000 yuan, with the use of coal-fired heating is about the same, much lower than the electric heating machine heating costs.

In addition to the cheaper price, air-source heat pumps have another major advantage over electric heaters. Air-source heat pumps have a "water cycle" system that can be used as a water heater to provide constant temperature hot water throughout the ye