Knowledge of Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater ( 3 )

1. Why heat pump hot water unit than electric water heater or natural gas water heater more effective?

The general heating method is to use direct energy to heat water, electric water heater energy efficiency is about 95%, natural gas is about 75%, and heat pump unit is to use energy to drive the compressor, rather than directly for heating water, Thermal energy comes from the environment.


2. From the environment to absorb heat why the heat pump will have greater efficiency?

Heat pump unit with 1 part of the energy can be absorbed from the environment 2-3 free heat, and then use these heat to heat the water, the consumption of 1 power is also used to heat the hot water, so the final thermal efficiency can reach 300% -500%.


3.Can the heat pump unit make use of the trough electric price?

Yes, but also automatic control operation. Air source heat pump unit in the design according to the user with the corresponding amount of hot water configuration of the insulation tank, insulation tank has a good insulation effect, while the air source heat pump unit with a regular start and stop function, which can be in the low price of hot water stored in the holding tank.


4. How can each type of heat pump water tank?

Due to heat pump unit output load is relatively small, the production of hot water is slow, heat pump unit is the first hot water ready for use, rather than water when the production of hot water, the water tank is based on the user's daily water design, design capacity is large enough, can achieve 24 hours continuous water supply.

5. Is the heat pump unit running stable?

Running very stable, reliable, air heat pump dedicated to high and low voltage protection, winter frost protection, exhaust temperature over protection, water temperature is too high protection, water temperature protection, water flow switch protection and compressor operation and downtime protection.


6. If the use of more than one heat pump, one of the problems that affect the whole system?

Air heat pump unit with modular function, the use of grid operation, each heat pump unit can be individually controlled, even if one of the problems, in the maintenance does not affect the normal operation of other units.


7. Home heat pump water heater how to choose the water tank

The water tank of the heat pump water heater is determined according to the actual water consumption of the user. Under the acceptable conditions of the user, it is recommended that the user choose the water tank of the freshman model, the general family: 1-2 people, with 150 or 200L water tank (100L / person) 4 people, with 200 or 2 ×150L water tank (80L / person); 5-6 people, with 300 or 2 ×200L water tank (70L / person).