Heat pump male deity the four skills

The word "male deity" is generally used to describe a word very good man.In the field of equipment, also have so a "male deity", it is the air source heat pump.Why do you say air source heat pump is a "male deity"? Because it have heating, heating, refrigerating, drying, wide-ranging, and every function very proficient.
Skills 1: energy saving and save electricity, economic benefit is good
Heating is air source heat pump roots. It is a new generation of heating equipment, it is accredited by the national clean energy equipment. It relies on "reverse carnot principle" rather than "the heating effect of the current" to heating, endless air becomes air energy heat source of heat pump. After a lot to absorb heat from the air, began his own efficient heating heat pump.If installation air source heat pump , then use 1 kw of heat energy, 4 times is 4 kw of thermal energy can be produced, air conditioning can effect comparing the COP is as high as 4.0, a 75% energy saving than the electric water heater products.A year can save a lot of heating spending for the user.
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Skills 2: efficient + comfort, the cold is no longer a trouble
Since air source heat pump can use high efficiency to produce hot water, which means that as long as it with the right end of the heating, can realize the residential heating.Can match with air source heat pump at the end of the lot, such as fan coil, floor heating and radiator pipe and so on.Take for example with floor heating pipe.Floor heating pipes need hot water temperature at about 35 ~ 45 ℃, and the air source heat pump can provide 60 ℃ hot water.Heat pump for making a small amount of hot water, and can meet the needs of floor heating.And heat pump through the electronic chip control, automatic heating mode, once the hot water temperature is too low, heat pump will automatically start the heating, hot water.In this way, can make the indoor heating season is warm.
Skills 3: " hot and cold together for", don't need to worry about hot summer
Air source heat pump is a real "male deity" . Why do you say that? Because it hung "heat pump" title, often doing the refrigeration. Is heat pipe of the heat pump refrigeration, rely on a large amount of refrigerant in the heat emitted, cool the interior space.Among the whole process, using water as medium, belong to the "water cycle", so "fluorine cycle" adopted by the general air conditioning is different."Water cycle" mode, the temperature changes less dramatic, at the end of the wind is not dry, improve the comfort, not easy to induce "air-condition disease."
Skills 4: automatic drying, the yield is higher
With air source heat pump drying, build good drying room, is not affected by the weather, 365 days a year can be used.In the process of air source heat pump can accurately control the temperature and humidity, improve the efficiency of drying process, ingredients, medicinal finished higher value is big, bring more economic benefits.