ground source heat pump installation

Many villa after the installation of air source heat pump heating floor, we can see the floor heating has become as one of the most popular way of heating. Today we get together to understand the advantages and disadvantages of air source heat pump heating floor. There is a need to provide a reference for future family.
good sound insulation effect
At present a lot of buildings in the process of building choose precast slab has a big weakness at the same time, the sound insulation effect is poor, walking upstairs more or less affect the downstairs office. 
the beautiful and easy to save space
To buy a new house after the first thing is thinking about how to decorate a pretty neat and comfortable environment and other mining heater always a discount for the perfect effect. Can choose to install the air heat pump floor heating, do not take up space and increase the indoor use area, the most convenient is convenient for family health clean.
reduce household spending
See this a lot of people will object. How can day source to save money, let me give you a calculation. The service life of the common air conditioning is 6-11 years more, the better heater for 10 years, generally does not include among replacement parts. Because the radiator is leaking, water and other maintenance cost and air can heat pump for heating floor although upfront investment is larger.