Future heating new trend: geothermal pipeline + air source heat pump

With the end of the National Day holiday, the weather is changing. In the north, the cold early arrival, many areas have begun to turn cold, heating things, once again become the focus of everyone's attention.

In China, there is a famous air source heat pump supplier , in the north of the dividing line, the central heating widely popular. However, because of our vast territory, in many towns, rural areas, there is still no central heating phenomenon. Since the central heating is not in place, the local residents have to do their own hands, self-sufficiency. Choose their own sub-household heating program, so as to spend a long winter.

In recent years, due to the "coal to electricity" popular, scattered coal combustion heating in the reduction, low energy consumption, pollution-free air source heat pump in our land frequently appear. This new generation of automated heating equipment, with the geothermal pipeline, can effectively achieve the whole house heating, is now the future and even the future, one of the highest heating equipment. Air source heat pump + geothermal pipe, how is the heating, and today to see together.

Geothermal pipes must have no stranger. Lay a layer of floor in the building, a large number of pipes will be installed in the warm floor. The hot water into the pipeline system, so that hot water in the pipeline continue to cycle back and forth, so that the heat to heat out the way out to enhance the indoor temperature to meet the heating. The equipment that provides hot water for geothermal pipelines is the air source heat pump.

As the heat comes from the air, the heat pump itself does not produce heat, but the heat of the porters, so the heating efficiency in the same heating equipment is relatively high. Depending on the temperature, the heating efficiency of the air source heat pump is usually fluctuating up and down between 200% and 400%. In contrast, the gas boiler heating efficiency of about 90%, regenerative heating heating efficiency of 95% or so. Heating efficiency, so that the air source heat pump has an advantage in energy saving. Air source heat pump heating, hot water temperature limit can reach 60 ℃. The geothermal pipe required hot water, only 35 ~ 50 ℃. Therefore, the geothermal pipe and air source heat pump with, you can have a more significant energy-saving performance.

Northern region, heating season up to 4 months. If it is in previous years, the use of coal-fired boiler heating, households often need to add coal from time to time to ensure the warmth of the house. The popularity of air source heat pump, to a certain extent, changed the situation. Because built-in smart chip, air source heat pump will automatically heat, heating, heating, the process no longer need man-made control, to enhance the heating convenience.