Gas shortage aboard the world, air source heat pump can be solve this matter

Since entering the heating season, such as "student running heating", "a place to provide all the gas business and industry", "a cell stop gas frequently, hundreds of residents difficult to cook" and other news after another. In this case, the Ministry of Environmental Protection issued an urgent document, "Where coal to clean energy unfinished areas, can continue to use the previous coal-fired heating or other alternatives."

In fact, not only China but also foreign countries have gas shortage phenomenon. In mid-December Italy announced a "state of emergency" in the country's gas supply and a 150% rise in the wholesale price of natural gas in a short period of time, while Britain, the largest natural gas market in Europe, also rose 35% in a short period of time. Suddenly, "gas shortage" swept the world, "coal to gas" suffered numerous difficulties. By this time, many people have thought of "coal to electricity", then, "coal to electricity" can hold the blue sky, warm people ?

Speaking of "coal to electricity", the most talked about is the heat pump company. In 2016 ~ 2017 throughout the northern "coal to electricity" project, can see the figure of the air source heat pump. Among them, Beijing subsidized the largest source of air-source heat pump, so install the largest user.


Compared with the traditional heating method, the air source heat pump only needs a small amount of electric energy to drive the compressor to work, mainly absorbs the heat in the air for heating, and neither the harmful gas discharge nor the potential safety hazard of electric leakage and electric shock, which is environmentally friendly and safe.

For now, the initial cost of air-source heat pump investment is much higher than other heating methods, the government should face more pressure on subsidies, so the scope of reform is not large. However, in the long run, the "high" input of air-source heat pumps will also bring higher returns. After all, heating is energy-hungry, and heating costs are a small sum of money each year. Air-source heat pumps save three-quarters of the energy saved by electric heating and can save users a lot of money.