Frequent heating and safety accidents, air-source heat pump to help you trouble-free

Recently, the weather is getting colder and the heating population is more and more. The accident of carbon monoxide poisoning is also emerging one after another. Recently, a tragedy caused by heating occurred in Xixian District of Shaanxi Province. A family of three at home using brazier heating, the result of all poisoned; January 9, Hefei also have a father and son at home using a honeycomb furnace heating, due to poor ventilation, leading to the death of carbon monoxide poisoning


This one bloody case tells us that the winter coal-heating, do not sloppy, otherwise it may endanger life. Fortunately, the large-scale conversion of northern coal to clean energy today not only improves the environment but also greatly enhances people's sense of security.

In 2016, Beijing "coal to electricity" boom, air source heat pump suppliers have been a wide range of applications. The annual "coal to electricity" nearly 200,000, of which, air-source heat pump accounted for 151,000, from which you can see the government's emphasis on air-source heat pump.


In fact, the air-source heat pump did not disappoint the people. After a heating season, the safe and energy-saving features of the air source heat pump have been approved by the majority of users. According to statistics, during the heating season in 2016, the average power consumption per household is about 6000 kwh. After the state subsidy, that is about 2,000 yuan, which also includes daily electricity consumption. Visible, "coal to electricity" after the people's expenses will not be much higher.


In terms of safety, the use of air-source heat pump is undoubtedly more secure. Before coal-fired heating should always maintain indoor ventilation, otherwise there is the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. The air source heat pump does not gas, water and electricity separation unit, you never have to worry about carbon monoxide poisoning or leakage wounding, family safety more secure.