Four major errors in the installation of air source heat pump

Misunderstanding 1: the installation and installation of the unit is not standardized, the stent material is not good enough, not fixed enough prison, the location is not high enough

Air source heat pump units, whether installed on the ground or on the walls or on the roof, should take fixed measures. However, some businesses use the stent because the material is not good enough, the model is not big enough, so the load-bearing capacity is poor. Some businesses do not use the concrete foundation and screws, so the air source heat pump is not solid enough. The above problems can easily lead to air source heat pump crashes or crashes and other accidents.

There are some businesses to place the air source heat pump is not high enough - usually should be more than 400mm above the ground. Otherwise, once the condensate is frozen and piled up, it is likely that the heat pump main unit will go bad.

Misunderstanding 2: external damping material installation is not standardized, the material is too thin, poor quality

Air source heat pump heating system outside the damping material if the quality is too poor, the thickness is too thin, you can not achieve the damping effect. However, the cushioning materials used by many businesses are poor quality rubber pads or springs, of which the thickness of the rubber pads is relatively thin. The use of this damping material, it is easy to cause the unit noise is too large, there are security risks will interfere with the user's life.

Misunderstanding 3: the installation of the machine is not reasonable

Some businesses install air-source heat pumps outside the patio, some near the kitchen, and some even under the eaves outside the living room or bedroom. Reasonable choice of air source heat pump installation of the machine is very important, if installed in the public aisle, may cause inconvenience to the user's walking, in addition, the outside of the condensate water may also cause the road surface ice, which in turn will bring Security risks. And if installed in the living room, bedroom outside, the noise will affect the user to rest.

Misunderstanding 4: Pipeline is not stable enough, rough construction of insulation, auxiliary material selection error, leakage of non-standard installation

Air source heat pump heating system is the need to do the outer tube insulation, but some businesses choose the insulation material is very thin, and not rock wool insulation tube, which will cause a lot of heat loss.

Air source heat pump must support the outer leakage protection device, but some businesses supporting the leakage protection device either allows the wire to connect directly with the steel frame, or is hit on the ground a solder son host, and then connected to the ground. These practices are not standardized, the standard practice should be pulled from the meter to a host line (then zero line potential), and then grounded.