1. How long is the lead time?

25-30 days.

2. How long is the guarantee time?

2 years.

3. Can I get a sample?

Yes,sample order is acceptable.

4. Why heat pumps?

Heat pumps are delivering efficiencies 2-4 times that of electric resistance space heating. That is because heat pumps don’t actually make heat, they use a refrigerant and a compressor to extract heat from the outside air and “pump” it into your home. In the summer, heat pumps can reverse cycle and serve as efficient air conditioners. And the price of natural gas and other fuels have gone up more than the price of electricity over the last few years.

5. How long will a heat pump last?

With proper maintenance, a ductless heat pump should perform well for over 20 years.

6. Can I install my Heat Pump even though I am an owner/builder and not a contractor?

All Heat Pumps are to be installed by a qualified licensed contractor according to local, state and federal laws.