Energy-saving water heater hand over the stick: the air energy replace solar energy

That year, solar water heaters into the home area, with a strong energy-saving effect, in one fell swoop occupied a huge market share. However, the passage of time, by 2017, solar hot water heater has long been worse than the year, but is another energy-saving water heater - air-source heat pump water heater swept the country.

The emergence of new products, will inevitably affect the popularity of solar water heaters to a certain extent. So, air-source heat pump water heaters and solar water heaters, in which areas are more advantages?

1. Water heater unit takes up less space

Solar water heater heating needs to absorb the sun to achieve, which requires the installation of a collector or collector. In order to make heat absorption more efficient, solar water heaters are usually designed to have a very large heat sink area. This means that the entire solar water heater units need to occupy a lot of space. In the continuous rise of high-rise residential today, not every district has enough space for everyone to install solar water heaters.

The other hand, air-source heat pump water heaters, the use of refrigerant in the evaporator to absorb heat in the air to achieve the purpose of making hot water. Water heater unit volume can be designed very small.

2. Thermal stability superior

Used solar water heater friends should know that the lack of stability of the solar water heater heating. In the event of cloudy, rainy weather, inadequate lighting, solar water heaters can not be normal heating. To this end, many companies are equipped with solar water heaters with electric auxiliary heating, so that, although it can provide hot water, but increased energy consumption of water heaters, weakened the solar water heater power saving effect.

Air-source heat pump water heaters follow the principle of anti-Carnot heating. The heat comes from the air rather than from the sun, which frees the air-source heat pump water heater from the weather's dilemma. Whether it is sunny, rainy or even typhoon days, air-source heat pump water heaters can be stable and efficient heating. Some common market, air-source heat pump water heaters, heating energy efficiency COP can reach 4.0, consume 1 kWh, "transfer" 4kw heat from the air. Long-term use, heating efficiency is not lower than solar water heaters.

Changes in the times, let us around the water heater equipment is also changing. The heat of solar water heaters dropped, air-source heat pump water heaters are starting to rise.