End of heating season how should the air source heat pump be maintained in the non-use phase

For air-source heat pump engineers who are concerned about the maintenance of equipment and precautions after warm-up, give the following tips! Professionals advise you: After the end of the heating season, please follow the instructions below to maintain the entire air to water heating system .

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Power off:Pull down the open switch of the electric control box to power off, then close the electric control box door to prevent rain water from entering;

Drainage: 1. Open system: This is a system for adding water to a heating pipe from a water tank in contact with air. This system is best not to discharge water, and to ensure that there is water in the tank, to prevent air from entering the pipeline leading to corrosion inside the pipeline and generate rust.

2. Closed system: A system that can only add water to the heating line from a make-up valve.

1) Add antifreeze: It is best to keep it.

2) Do not add antifreeze to release water: If you put water, make sure that the water is kept clean to prevent freezing of pipelines when the unit is not in use in the coming winter; and close the drain valves after releasing the water to prevent air from entering and causing internal corrosion of the pipeline. .

3) Without adding antifreeze, do not release water: If you do not release water, make sure that the water pressure in the system is normal, between 0.1~0.2 megapascals, to prevent the above freezing and corrosion problems after water shortage.

Protection: It is recommended to shield the water pump, valves and pipes from cardboard and other items to prevent scratches and damage due to wind, sun, and sharp objects.