Elderly winter heating, room temperature how much is better

Recently, the Ministry of Civil Affairs website news, the national standard "basic norms of service quality of pension agencies" has been initially completed the draft, is currently preparing for the public for comments. The draft mentioned that the activities of the pension agencies should be reasonable, clean and tidy. Winter heating temperature should not be less than 18 ℃, not higher than 28 ℃.

Why winter heating is not less than 18 ℃, not higher than 28 ℃? There are a lot of people may feel strange, not less than 18 ℃, it can be said to be afraid of the elderly frozen, so why not higher than 28 ℃ it?

Speaking of this, it is necessary to say a word - physiological zero. The so-called physiological zero, that can not cause the skin hot and cold feeling, that is, people do not feel very hot, do not feel cold temperature. On normal health, the physiological zero about 28 ~ 29 ℃ or so. However, it should be noted that the elderly and hypertensive patients, because of vascular aging and other reasons, if you enter and exit the room, the temperature difference between the inside and outside is too large, it is likely because of severe vasodilation of human blood vessels caused by cerebral blood circulation disorders, induced stroke. Therefore, the winter when the best indoor and outdoor stay at 5 ~ 10 ℃ is appropriate, remember not inside and outside the greenhouse difference is too large.

In addition to temperature, in fact, the requirements of the human body is also very high humidity. In winter, if the indoor humidity is too large, because of accelerated heat conduction, and people feel cold, depression. But if the indoor humidity is too low, but also because of the upper respiratory tract mucosal water a lot of loss, and feel dry mouth, dry tongue, severe cases may even appear sore throat, hoarseness and nose bleeding and other symptoms. For this point, the use of air conditioning in winter heating, or central heating in the northern region residents should have a profound experience.

Therefore, the scientists after the experimental found that the most pleasant indoor temperature and humidity is: winter temperature of 18 to 25 ℃, humidity of 30% to 80%, then people will feel the most comfortable. This is why the nursing home will specify the 18 ℃ to 28 ℃ winter heating temperature reasons.

Air source heat pump as a heating equipment, it is not only energy saving, environmental protection, saving power, security, there is a traditional heating equipment can not match the advantages of air source heat pump running with water circulation, the wind does not dry, the heater will not destroy the air In the humidity. In other words, even if the whole day to stay in the heating room, do not need to add ice pudding to add water or use humidifier.