Do you know the pump use air to produce hot water

You must be familiar with the water pump, it is a kind of transportation of the liquid or causes the liquid turbo-charged machinery.Air source heat pump have you heard?Strictly speaking, in fact, air source heat pump is a device composed of multiple components, not just a simple "pump group."It can provide hot water and provide heat.In our life has a very wide application.You can often see only, but didn't really realize "this equipment is the air source heat pump."

Air source heat pump has been as a replace of coal-fired boiler product popular by the top heat pump manufacturers. And air source heat pump heating, only can air and electricity consumption, zero emissions, environmental protection effect is stronger.

Using air and electricity can only produce hot water, this is not a fable, has violated the laws of physics?In fact is not, if want to use a more accurate and scientific terms to describe air source heat pump heating process.It is equipment, relying on electricity, carrying heat from the air, the last to produce hot water.


The heating method is based on "reverse carnot principle".In the air sourceheat pump refrigerant, refrigerant temperature is very low in normal circumstances.The second law of thermodynamics is described: "heat can spontaneously from high temperature object is passed to the low temperature object, but could not spontaneously from low temperature object to the high temperature object."Said that everyone should understand, because refrigerant temperature only a few degrees below zero, so the air temperature is higher than in most regions of the refrigerant.In such an environment, refrigerant can full absorption of heat.

The first picture is small air sourceheat pump, generally used for individual families, belong to the category of civil.Next, let's say that a big one.Commercial air sourceheat pump is designed to be so big, because want to support the whole project of central heating and hot water supply, need the air to absorb a large number of can.So air sourceheat pump evaporator size increases, the capacity of storage tank also increased, in the end all the parts have different amplitude of upgrades, so the air sourceheat pump also can become a monster.

Air source heat pump heating energy efficiency ratio COP of the basic can reach more than 2.0, the highest in the spring and summer you can even 4.0.  Air source heat pump heating energy efficiency ratioCOP is the meaning of the heat energy produced is equipment/device heating of electricity consumedCOP is 4, means that the air sourceheat pump 1 kw electricity consumption, can produce 4 kw heat energy.In contrast, the traditional electric water heater heating equipment can effect comparing with less than 1.0.So air sourceheat pump can be done than electric devices save electricity 75%.