Development for more than 10 years, air source heat pump how the status

Air source heat pump in our development for more than 10 years, 10 years, can make a sapling towering trees, but also can make a production value of less than 500 million small industries, now the output value of broken billions of dollars . In today's era, air energy equipment has infiltrated all areas of society. The air source heat pump is a major category, according to the different functional devices, can be divided into three directions: air source heat pump hot water unit, air source heat pump heating equipment and air source heat pump dryer.

Air source heat pump hot water unit

The process of urbanization in our country is accelerated year by year, which makes more and more buildings in the city. Whether it is a high-rise office building, a large commercial city, a comprehensive gymnasium or a central hospital, there are a large number of people living, working, rest, hot water daily in high demand. Air source heat pump hot water unit heating efficient, safe, pollution-free, 24 hours a day to provide hot water temperature to meet the needs of various types of building hot water, has been widely spread throughout our country, but also showed a rise the momentum.


Air source heat pump heating equipment

Every winter, the air quality in the northern region will drop sharply, which is closely related to the use of coal-fired boilers for heating throughout the winter. In order to improve the air quality in the north, the state has promulgated the "Ten Articles of the Atmosphere" and started to limit the use of coal, especially bulk coal. The replacement of coal boiler equipment, it is air source heat pump.

Taking Beijing's "Coal to Electricity" as an example, in 2017, Beijing's heating renovation project involves more than 700 villages. The current trend of view, the heating reform in the northern region is still not over. Air source heat pumps are still one of the most popular cleaning and heating equipment in the coming years.

Air source heat pump dryer

Drying industry is an important branch of agriculture, whether it is herbs or ingredients, most have to be dried, in order to effective profit (food) use. Traditional sulfur smoked, dried, sun has a lot of inconvenience, has been unable to adapt to efficient drying. The air source heat pump dryer into the market, with intelligent, pollution-free, high efficiency drying method, so that the drying industry has undergone tremendous changes, prompting drying gradually towards science and technology, modernization.