Buy air-source heat pump water heater, understand these three on the line

Water heater is an essential equipment for every family. With the steady increase of scientific research and industrial technology, the types of domestic water heater are becoming more and more abundant. In the past 2017, the latest generation of air-source heat pump water heaters occupy a significant share of the market and have, in many ways, become the new trend in the water heater market. Today, we teach you how to choose the right air source heat pump water heater by a simple three tips.


1. Clear installation site, according to local conditions

Water chiller heat pump products vary, even with the same brand, there are different series of equipment. Therefore, the installation at different locations, the selection of air source heat pump water heaters are also different. For example, if you want to install outdoor air-conditioning bit, select the split air source heat pump water heater as well. The reason is very simple, split air source heat pump water heater consists of two parts, namely, outdoor unit and the tank part. Outdoor unit installed in the outdoor air-conditioning bit, you can well absorb the outdoor air, to achieve good heating effect.

If installed in the interior, such as balconies or kitchen, in general, is more integrated air-source heat pump water heater. Because the integrated device takes up less space, it will not occupy too much space in the interior and will not have too much negative impact on life.

2. According to the resident population, choose the water heater capacity

Air source heat pump water heater selection, need to pay attention to a variety of parameters. There is no doubt that the tank capacity is one of the most important. Why do you say that? Because once the capacity of small, hot water enough for the whole family to use, have to spend time heating. If the capacity of the election, the water heater power, will increase the electricity consumption.

Here, tell you a little secret, choose air source heat pump water heater should be in accordance with the "family size * 50" results of the standard selection. If three people at home, to choose more than 150L, if at home 4 individuals, choose 200L above. According to this standard choice, basically no problem.

3.Water heater compressor quality, can not be ignored

Air-source heat pump water heaters heat, the compressor plays a very important role in the process. Compressor quality, a direct impact on the heating effect. For now, with the development of air energy industry, heat pump companies are using heat pump dedicated compressor to create water heater heating system. Heat pump dedicated compressor, stable heating, high efficiency, not only power, and longer life, up to 10 to 15 years. So how to determine the compressor is good or bad?

Air-source heat pump water heaters use the air to heat, the compressor is the most important "heart." Compressor is good or bad, directly determines the hot water is not fast, hot water temperature is not high. So try to choose a high quality water heater compressor. Compressors on the market a wide range of specific parameters we are not non-professionals are also difficult to distinguish, it is recommended that you start from the brand. Some of the better compressor manufacturers are Copeland, Mitsubishi, Toshiba and Hitachi. The use of these manufacturers compressor air source heat pump water heater, basically the quality is guaranteed. More at ease.