Beat the traditional water heater, air source water heater "trick" is what

Today's water heater market,heat pump suppliers can choose from a wide range of products. The two kings gas water heaters, electric water heaters Needless to say, and the emerging solar water heaters, air-source water heaters in the market gradually occupy no small share.

These types of water heaters, especially to mention is the air source water heater. As the latest generation of products, although the popularity of air-source water heater is not long, but has been welcomed by many consumers. Why air-source water heater into the market soon so hot?

In addition to gas water heaters, electric water heaters, solar water heaters, air-source water heaters are water storage equipment, must be installed water tank. At this moment, how big the water tank is, decide how much hot water the water heater can provide. Common electric water heater, the capacity is relatively small, mostly about 60 ~ 80L, one can only meet 1 to 2 people take a bath. The solar water heater is subject to the weather, if you encounter rainy days, lack of sunshine, you can not provide a stable and a lot of hot water.


How about air source water heater? Air source water heater heating efficiency, a large number of water in a short time. Moreover, the air source water heater capacity up to 300L or more. Data show that adults to complete a hot water bath, you need about 50L of hot water. Therefore, the capacity of 300L air water heater, a heating, you can achieve a maximum of 6 bath.

There may be friends to ask, since the gas water heater is instant heating, infinite water design should still be stronger than the air source water heater. Why do not you choose gas water heater? The answer is safe. Gas water heater is the use of high temperature flame to heat cold water, to achieve the purpose of heating. This process, there will be flaming fire, it may also generate CO. Therefore, once the water heater aging or failure, there may be explosive explosion, poisoning and other accidents.

The air source water heater is different, on the one hand, the air source water heater heating does not consume gas, from the root cause of the fire accident. On the other hand, air-source water heater heating consumes electricity energy, but the use of water and electricity separation of the design, so that the circuit separated from the waterway, and fully avoid the risk of electric shock. A completely different design, air source water heater with a higher safety performance.

Heating stability, bath safety, air source water heater two major advantages, it has become the favorite of many consumers.