How to avoid the air source heat pump water heater is noisy

Winter is the peak season with hot water, as the fourth generation air source heat pump water heater, with environmental protection, energy saving, security advantages to get consumer recognition, also become the indispensable consumer appliances, there is always some small consumer market to buy cheap brand air can water heater, the water heater with long will appear after the noise, the noise is how form?Is there any way to avoid again?




1. Some businessmen in the air energy do the shortage of the water heater with the mute, such as compressor without sound, fan using mute type, during the installation process is not scientific, the unreasonable situation also causes of compressor noise compressor is broken, the noise will become more big, so the choose and buy products as far as possible choose the brand of air energy water heater and have a professional after-sale installation business.


 2, Air source heat pump water heater pump is also a noise source, the water pump in the work will produce noise, pumps are usually placed in the outdoor, installed inside the cover can reduce the sound-absorbing sound effects, and part of the business place pump installed in indoor, do not prevent noise measures, so there will be noise.

3, Buy design problem, the air can water heater has a variety of styles, can split type air is bigger than the noise of the all-in-one but the price is low, so consumers choose split type, all-in-one actually no matter in terms of design does not occupy a space, the enclosed design, so low noise operation.

Air source heat pump water heater itself is actually a little noise at work, just be sound proof measures, basic does not affect the daily life.Therefore, when we air can water heater of choose and buy, the brand is very important to have a professional after-sale installation.