Air source heat pump heating and hot water system what is the difference

Air source heat pump is a new generation of heating equipment, has been widely used in the field of heating and hot water supply and frequent applications.In fact, although is heating, but on the hot water supply and heating, air source heat pump application is a certain difference.



1.  The difficulty of the equipment installation

In the hot water supply, the effect of heat pump units is a continuous heating add cold water, its increase to the set temperature.Due to the air can heat pump, water heater tank with heat preservation measures, even in the winter, in a short 1 ~ 2 hours of hot water heating process, the temperature drop is not big, can say the process of constant temperature, heat load increases, the unilateral does not reduce, is a static process.So hot water supply project of type selection and design is a little more simple.

Winter heating and heating, is a long-term process.Air source floor heating, for example, in order to assure indoor heating effect, air source heat pump often need to start the several hours a day.In the process, because the outdoor temperature is too low, loss from plenty of indoor heat, coupled with the different areas of the house building structure, real-time temperature is different, it is a environmental heat shrinking, the dynamic process of heat pump units continuously the calories.The implementation of many variables in the process, so heating difficulty than hot water supply.


2.  The water temperature is different requirements

Hot water supply in the field of commercial will according to the requirements of the different places have different hot water.Console, for example, the purpose of the domestic hot water, is nothing more than a few aspects, such as bathing, washing clothes, cooking and is given priority to with bath.Human body shower, comfortable and without getting burned temperature range is 37 ~ 45 ℃, occasionally also have some friends need hot water temperature a little higher, but in general, not more than 50 ℃.Considering the position against the cold water, the temperature of the air can heat pump as long as can ensure daily bathing at 60 ℃.

 On heating, air source heat pump collocation is different, at the end of the temperature also has the very big change.If the end of the heating radiator, heat dissipation performance is not good, hot water temperature at 60 ℃ ~ 90 ℃.If the end is the floor heating pipe, heating hot water temperature control between 35 ~ 50 ℃.Only in strict accordance with the corresponding temperature at the end, combined with the actual situation, set up the water, in order to ensure comfortable heating effect.If hot water temperature is too low, so indoor air temperature below 18 ℃, people will feel cool, go against haemal circulation.If hot water temperature is too high, too hot, can affect health.The high temperature of hot water for a long time also for the service life of floor heating pipe has certain cutting effect.


Through the above introduction, you should also understand roughly air source heat pump in heating and hot water supply.In an actual case, however, because of the economic budget problems, home basically is to use an air source heat pump hot water supply + heating service for the family, after all, home household heating hot water dosage is not much, use less as far as possible the equipment to meet the needs of more, multi-use is the big trend.And in the commercial field, complex working conditions, the hot water demand is big, often need to according to the needs of specific heating or hot water supply equipment.